+ What is it?

+ = Bonds= Links = Connections = Interactions

The “+” sign in a mathematical equation is used to infer an additive bond between the 2 units.

In the context of the philosophical equation proposed by The Common Vein (1+1 = 1),  the “+” sign also  infers an additive relationship between the two parts, which enables a result that is larger than the component parts.

However the “+” sign  has variations, depending on context.  In literature, for example it is the additive consequence of the positioning of letters and words.  In art, the positioning of paintbrush strokes has the additive consequence in producing a painting, while in chemistry, it is the attractive force between the electron and proton that produces molecules.  Unlike mathematics, the additive relationship in chemistry and biology is dynamic and interactive between the two parts.

Bonds of Numbers

bonds, symbols, The Common Vein Ashley Davidoff MD

Letters and words bond by positioning and organization.

The Most Basic Electromagnetic Bond

Ashley Davidoff MD, The Common Vein, forces, atom, electromagnetic forces, positive force, negative force

Covalent Bond – Sharing Electrons

Glues and Cement

Roads and Bridges

city, transport, artery, road, transport, bond, Ashley DAvidoff MD, The Common Vein

Electricity, Cable, Phone, Radio-waves, Satellite

Bonds in Biology

Sperm Attracted to Egg by Progesterone Perfume

Intercellular Bonding via Cell Adhesion Molecules

Bonds in the Tissues

The Hepatocytes Bond via a Reticular Network

liver, reticulin stain, histology, cells, bonds, The Common Vein, Ashley Davidoff MD
Reticulin stain shows connective tissue in black , that bonds the cells together.

Bonding via Arteries Veins, Ducts and Nerves

Muscles Ligaments and Tendons

muscles, bones, joints, The Common Vein, Ashley Davidoff MD

Skin Holds the Body Together

skin, thorax, abdomen, body The Common Vein, Ashley Davidoff MD

Emotional Bonds

Satellites Connecting Activities on the Earth

satellite, bonds, links, earth

Orbits Enabling Bonding

Orbit of the Atom
Orbit of the Satellites
Orbit of the Sol